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ACCELLERRA Ventures Inc. is a tech company created to consult and implement technology facilitated solutions such as:  Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, Blockchain and Digital Assets, Identity Access Management, Fraud Prevention & Detection, Cloud Computing, DaaS and implementing proven sales and business development growth strategies. We’ve helped organizations achieve hyper-growth stage, whilst ensuring their sales teams remain motivated, dedicated and continually mentored for repeatable success. 




We are ACCELLERRA. We help companies, like yours, cultivate growth through technology solutions and sales driven results.

Our diversity of talents and disciplines is brought together by our experience and leadership in cross-industries. Our perspectives, know-how, and most importantly, our people are as unique as the consumers we are trying to connect with. As a Canadian financial and technology consulting firm, we have an obligation to be leaders and a commitment to knowing Canadians technology and business development leadership is world-class.  



DaaS Desktop

As A Service.

There’s no time greater than present to enable people to stay connected. Technology allows this whether it’s remaining connected to family or working remotely. Buying computers is one thing but then ensuring you have all the security and programs installed is another. DaaS is our cloud computing solution for affordable, secure and reliable computing platform or simply put “Laptop in a Box”.

$99/Month Laptop

Loaded With Goods!

Perfect for Small Medium sized businesses or Enterprise clients. Our laptops come ready with the highest cybersecurity framework, GDPR compliant and pre-installed with apps and software you love most. Save your IT spend for more pressing business functions and let your staff benefit from our cloud-hosted VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure). 



With partner operations in the Americas and LATAM regions, we facilitate broadband 4G/LTE and 5G upgradable services including Internet, TV, Cellular and more. Learn how we can build an affordable network for you. 

Internet Service

With speed ranging from 50Mbps to 10Gbps we utilize the latest in telecom wireless technology infrastructure and build efficient, robust and scalable networks in the most difficult terrains.    

Television Service

Our capabilities include TV packages with several of the most popular cable network stations.

Cellular Service

Are you tired of limited cellular choices? Provided we can implement our WINOC in your remote regions, we can offer phenomenal mobile services.

Calling Investors & Talent

Accelerator Alley

There are many incubators, innovation labs and accelerator programs but none quite like ACCELLERRA. Our braintrust of talented professionals have vetted and selected a unicorn project that the team wants to pursue and are actively working on this main project.  

If you are seeking to apply your talent to an exciting new tech solution and have skills in programming, project management and other disciplines, come vest your time and share in an equity pool.

Calling Investors

We are always seeking pre-seed, seed and angel investors. We have a formalized process and as an early stage investor this is your opportunity to invest on the ground floor.

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(647) 474 0085

Oakville, Ontario, CA

Monday-Friday: 8am-5pm

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